• Rock Am Ring (Germany)

    Germany loves rock and roll! Some extra metal make it even better. Germans know how to create a big ass moshpit. All the rock legends have ever stand there at the main stage. Name it and they were there. The location in Nürnberg is across the Nürburgring. One of the biggest circuits in Germany. That

  • Coachella (USA)

    Of course California is represent in the top of festivals. In the name of Coachella. It’s a yearly six days festival in april. If you look closely at the picture you see deserts in the background. The festivalgroud is in the middle of the coloradodessert. Sound as the perfect combination right? Could you ever imagine

  • Sziget Festival (Hungary)

    Be Free!!! Your physical mentallity will be test in the capital of Hungary, budapest. Not 5 days partying, not 6, just a hole week dancing, chilling and drinking on this beauty destination in the east of Europe, but don’t worry there are enough places to chill out. The money issues you have to deal with

  • Pinkpop (Holland)

    Pinkpop, the perfect festival for the hole family! That’s what it all about. Grandpa can check on slash at the 3fm stage and go to his childhood with full of memories, while the children enjoy themselves with a live performance of the script. It’s the power of the organisation every year they improve the line

  • Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

    Electronic Dance Music is a really big thing in the USA, but there was a time nobody was waiting for this ‘hype’, but people find out there was an added value on the hiphop culture. About 7 years the revolution ended and reached the peak in the last couple years. Las Vegas is one of

  • Tomorrowland

    People of Tomorrowlanddddd! With that words the journey starts. This real fairytale is hosted in the village Boom located in Belgium. People all around the globe will united in a three days outdoor festival. Tomorrowland is the fastest festival that are sold out for every year, in a couple of minutes all the weekendtickets are