Van Mirko De Lange


People of Tomorrowlanddddd!

With that words the journey starts.
This real fairytale is hosted in the village Boom located in Belgium.
People all around the globe will united in a three days outdoor festival.
Tomorrowland is the fastest festival that are sold out for every year, in a couple of minutes all the weekendtickets are gone (even this year) Partypeople who have the oppurtunity to get their dancemoves at Boom are verry blessed.

To get an idea what is all about. The best thing you can do is to check it by yourself. Last edition number one dj Hardwell took the crowd to the next level with an hell of a set. The 29 years old dutchie is one of the biggest headliners and a member of the tomorrowland-family for years.

Tomorrowland will start at 22 july and will finished at the 24th.

[Totaal: 2    Gemiddelde: 4.5/5]


 Categorie: Dance

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