Coachella (USA)

Van Mirko De Lange

Of course California is represent in the top of festivals. In the name of Coachella. It’s a yearly six days festival in april. If you look closely at the picture you see deserts in the background. The festivalgroud is in the middle of the coloradodessert. Sound as the perfect combination right? Could you ever imagine how special it would be to walk around there.

More than 200 artists

Everything what you see there is adapted at the deserts. It takes the organization a lot of time to work it all out and to be right on time, but the hours of working are totally worth it if you see this amazing result. The view is magnificent but don’t forget the quallity of performers. More than 200 artist will make sure you have the best time of your life.

Conclusion Coachella has it all. They tried to put every little piece in a short clip impossible! Anyway They did a great job. A must see!

[Totaal: 3    Gemiddelde: 4.7/5]


 Categorie: Pop

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