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”It’s all about the location” UMF, better known as Ultra Music Festival is the start of the festival season in March. In hole Europe it’s cold and rainy. No place can’t even come close to the heat of Miami in the time of the year. You can reach the beach by a 10 minutes ride with a cap. Get into the American craziness and make a trip!

The temprature between March and septembre stabilized 25-30 degrees. Make sure you have enough sun protection with you. It’s the perfect platform to show the fans what you’ve made in the past year. Everyone will suprise his fans with special new content. In general 80 procent of the set are total new. It takes everyone to a higher place. Proven at twitter where #ultra2016 became trending topic.

In 2015 Martin Garrix came up with a special collebaration with R&B sensation ‘Usher’. The two artist made a superhit and the social media explode. A new dimension of suprising and Miami is thé best place to do that. There are no limits (starts at 33:00)


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