Pinkpop (Holland)

Van Mirko De Lange

Pinkpop, the perfect festival for the hole family! That’s what it all about. Grandpa can check on slash at the 3fm stage and go to his childhood with full of memories, while the children enjoy themselves with a live performance of the script. It’s the power of the organisation every year they improve the line up of the artists.

How is that possible? Pinkpop has a hole history with amazing moments. The popularity of the name is not just began since the 21th century. It was already enormous in the 90’s. With artists like Pearl Jam and Race Against the Machine smashed the stage. In that time Pinkpop get a image of rockconcert. In the past few years it’s getting a lot more ‘mainstream’.

Avicii performed last year. The organisation said: ”A dream come true cause this DJ is something new and reach different people than we normally do.” The team of Pinkpop will allways innovate but whithout losing his own unique concept.

Watch the greatest moment of Pinkpop all time decided by the listeners of radiostation 3FM.


[Totaal: 2    Gemiddelde: 5/5]






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