Sziget Festival (Hungary)

Van Mirko De Lange

Be Free!!!

Your physical mentallity will be test in the capital of Hungary, budapest. Not 5 days partying, not 6, just a hole week dancing, chilling and drinking on this beauty destination in the east of Europe, but don’t worry there are enough places to chill out.

The money issues you have to deal with in the USA are not a struggle here. For staying at an island for a week you pay 250 euro in general. Sziget feels like an society, but not with the negative effects you have to deal with in your own reality with work or study.

It will take you out of your comfortzone, but let your self go, let you lead by the purely of freedom. Your not alone, you sharing hapiness with thousands of visitors and enjoy acts superstarts as Rihanna, David Guetta and Muse.

Where is freedom gonna take you?


[Totaal: 2    Gemiddelde: 4/5]



 Categorie: Pop

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